If you need a reliable company to re-fit your kitchen, then CJ’s Carpentry & Builder Services could well be the company that you are looking for. We’ve refitted hundreds of kitchens across the Brisbane area and we’re confident our highly skilled carpenters and builders will be able to realise your vision for your kitchen to the fullest.

Kitchens are, or at least can be, so much more than simple food preparation areas.
A well designed and executed kitchen should be the heart of your home. Not just the place where you prepare your meals and eat your breakfast, the kitchen provides a space to catch up with the family before and after work, and a place for your guests to gather at parties.

So when approaching a kitchen renovation, here at CJ’s Carpentry & builder renovation services we know that it’s a delicate balance between functionality and style. Getting it right can not only improve your quality of living, it can give the resale value of your house a huge boost as well.

That’s why we approach all of our renovations carefully, consulting with our clients to identify their exact needs, and their budget. This ensures we can design and renovate to get everything you need, within cost. If you are looking to boost your property’s resale value, then renovating the kitchen will have the biggest single impact of any room in the house.

Top Rated Kitchen Designers

We pride ourselves on being able to realise the vision of our clients to the fullest, and so we don’t cut any corners on the consultation process. After all, the easiest way to guarantee happy customers is to understand what they want and need in the first place. Many jobs fall by the wayside because of poor communication at the start, leaving the customer unsatisfied, and the builder with rising costs as they adapt designs and rework already built parts of the job.

Our top rated kitchen designers will identify your exact needs and budget and be able to consult with you on what is and isn’t possible, as well as suggesting cost saving ideas along the way. So who knows, perhaps you can afford the grand kitchen island you’d always dreamed of! We pride ourselves on being able to find creative solutions to ensure you get all you need from your kitchen refurb, without breaking the bank.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself before consultation begins:



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What Will You Use Your Kitchen For?

For many, a kitchen is a place for food prep and cooking, and not much else. If you love to cook, you will want a layout that allows plenty of space on the side boards for prep, and a workstation that provides you with easy access to hobs and the cooker, as well as your utensils.

For others, the kitchen is the hub of family life, where news is shared and the family connect as the day starts or ends. This is where kitchen islands and breakfast bars really come into their own, and also if you like to entertain family and friends.

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How Do You Want It To Look?

Most of us are house proud, and if you’re considering renovating part of your property then you probably are too. If you have a design scheme which runs through your house already, you should think about how your kitchen will fit with this. If you’re in the middle of a more ambitious project to renovate the whole home, then it is of course wise to think about your kitchen renovation as part of a larger project. This way you can stay on budget and ensure you have a consistent style and look throughout.

Quality Kitchen Redesigns & Extensions

If you want a redesign of your existing kitchen, an extension, or both, our carpenters and builders will be able to draw you up a quote on consultation. So you can be sure that the extension will work in tandem with the redesign if this is what you’re opting for.

We are Brisbane’s best and most trusted bathroom renovators.Sso whatever your vision, or even if you want to bounce around some ideas, give CJ’s Carpentry and Builders a call today. Our team of experts will be delighted to help.