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CJ’s Carpentry are your local experts in stair installation and repairs in Brisbane. We’ve been building and installing stairs Brisbane-wide for years, and there’s no job too complex for us.

If you are looking for a new install, our range of stairway solutions are suitable for all your external stair needs. Our stair repair experts have years of experience working on a wide range of stairs and are well versed in the issues particular to each design.

So whether you need stair balustrades repaired, or a whole new building fitted out with new stairs, we have the local craftsmen and expertise to meet your needs.

Internal & External Stairs - CJ's Carpentry Brisbane

We Can Install Or Repair Any Type Of External Stairs

Of course, there is way more than one type of staircase Brisbane residents tend to go for, so we pride ourselves on our ability to build and repair all types. Our team of carpenters can provide solutions to any issues you might be facing.

Our installation teams have a reputation for being able to construct and install whatever staircases our Brisbane clients have in mind, so whatever your vision, you should give us a call to discuss.

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Stair Repairs and Restoration in Brisbane

If your stairs are creaky or squeak when you use them it can begin to drive you mad. In serious cases, if your wood is damaged or rotten, your stairs can pose a real danger to your health. Creaking stairs are the first sign that something might be awry, so if you are concerned that your stairs might need some attention, call our team and we’ll be happy to discuss the issue with you.

There are many things which could compromise the stability of your staircase. Wear and tear alone can account for most stair damage. Years of constant use inevitably damages the wood, and the same applies for stair handrails. Balustrade stairs can often need the rails or fittings replaced or rejuvenated, after years of fading and wear.

If you have a spiral staircase in Brisbane you’ll know that they can easily get damaged, and our carpenters are expert at spot repairs, to save you replacing whole panels and railings.

And our friend wood rot can wreak havoc with stairways of left unchecked. If you are aware of any recent leaks in your house, checking for signs of wood rot regularly is important. If you are worried there might be an issue, call CJ’s Carpentry right away and we will happily assess the issue for you.

External Stairs - Repairs and Installation

We’ve fitted 100’s of flights of external stairs Brisbane wide to perfectly match newly installed decking and patios, and we know exactly how important the quality of build is for outdoor stairways. We will make sure your build is not exposed to undue moisture and fully treat your stairs and even stair balustrade to protect from the elements (and the dreaded wood rot).

Installation and Construction

If you are fitting out a new property, refurbishing your home or office, or your stairs are so damaged they need to be fully replaced, we can help. We can install (and repair) all stair types, so if you want us to fit spiral stairs, L shaped stairs, or you need external stairs for your new decking, we can help.


Balustrades, Bannisters, And Handrails

Having reliable handrails for stairs in your home gives you peace of mind if you have young children, but also if properly designed and maintained can add to your home’s appearance. If you need a fix on a timber balustrade in Brisbane, then our team will be able to not only fix it but make sure it looks just as great as it did before the damage occurred. We have repaired and restored handrails Brisbane wide and our customers will testify to the results.

We replace any stair handrail like for like, or if you want a new style of timber handrails for stairs in your home we will be happy to consult with you to aid in your choice.

Whether it’s a repair on one or a whole set of balustrades in Brisbane, or a whole new flight of stairs, our experts will be more than happy to help. We have the local expertise to deal with any stair repair or install, so be sure to give CJ’s Carpentry a call to discuss your requirements.

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