Completion and Compliance

Glasgow St, Ashgrove

The owner of this property reached out to the team at CJ’s Carpentry after his first builder had failed to complete the build. We then had the task of rectifying non-compliant issues, as well as completing unfinished sections of the property. This house was at frame stage when CJ’s Carpentry took over.

Work Completed:

  • Re-nail cladding using correct fixings.
  • Weatherproofing house with flashings and change deck structures so the house is water tight.
  • Change lintels over doors to meet engineers specifications.
  • Non-compliant balustrade was changed to correct height and spacing to comply recertification.
  • Lay 8mm TG flooring to eliminate floor height discrepancy.
  • Sheet all internal walls with VJ.
  • Redo soffits so they finished above the bottom line of the fascia.
  • Gable cladding removed so insulation and builders paper could be installed.
  • Fix out consisting of skirting, architraves and doors.