Project name: Building your dreams

Mirbelia St, Everton Hills.
The CJ team was contacted by the owners of this property to fix major water issues. In the process
we extended the deck and changed the falls and step down so it would comply with the current
building code. We were also asked to divert the surface water that flowed into his yard from
neighbouring properties. They also asked if we could give them a more usable back yard.

Work completed:

  • Terraced backyard to give owners a level, useably area
  • Created diversion gullies down each boundary to help divert surface water.
  • Removed leaky, non compliant deck and roof structure
  • Extend deck area and created a deck that complied with current code. Correct step down, waterproofing and fall away from the building.
  • Excavated soil away from building and install concrete path with drains and fall to top water entering the building.