We all know that, despite our best efforts, unexpected problems can occur in nearly any situation. The same is true with property, in fact, probably even more so than in other areas of life.

If you’ve ever experienced unexpected storm or flood damage to your property, then you know how inconvenient and troubling it can be. But smaller problems can also cause worry. If your door is or window is damaged, for example, then it’s going to be hard to sleep at night knowing your property is unsecured.

Whether it’s a major storm or relatively minor damage, you need to know that there is a team local to you who are available, but that’s not all. You need a team with the knowledge and depth of expertise to deal with whatever issue you might be facing.

At CJ’s Carpentry & Maintenance, we understand an insurance event can occur at any time. That’s why we have teams on call 24/7 to make sure any damage can be contained. In most cases this is effective in preventing further property damage. And then, once the damage has been assessed, we will be on call to complete the repair.

Make Safe Services

  • Roof tarping.
  • Securing damaged windows and doors.
  • Temporary fencing of hazardous areas.
  • Structural intervention after building impact.
  • Securing of collapsed ceilings.
  • Flood repairs and draining.

Our teams will attend to any type of emergency repair, secure the site, and follow through our procedures, which are designed to isolate and prevent further damage. This should ensure the safety of residents, and any other potentially affected people.



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Storm Damage and Cyclone Damage

As beautiful as our weather is, it does come with a flip side. Brisbane is famous for its unpredictable storms, and well known for natural disasters. Storm and cyclones can bring with them a whole host of potential dangers for your property. We will deal with flood damage later, but hail, rain and wind damage alone can be severe enough to make your property uninhabitable for a short period. This kind of weather affects roofs, pergolas and sheds the most, but all manner of issues can be thrown up.

We say a short period, as we are confident that in the majority of cases we will complete the work in no time. Our team has seen the worst of what Brisbane weather can do, so we’re prepared for any eventuality. Our fully licensed and highly skilled carpenters and builders will attend as soon as possible to try and ensure that you needn’t be inconvenienced for long.

Flood Damage

There are few things worse for a property than flood damage, which is why having a team on call to assist should the worst happen is so important. In the first instance, we will be able to provide assistance in minimising the amount of water that enters your property, and have the equipment and know how to quickly remove any excess water. It is often thought that flood damage repair is only about removing the water from the premises.

Beyond that, our expert team will be able to identify any areas of concern, to make sure they are dealt with, repaired, and made fully safe going forwards.

Roof & Other Emergency Work

If your roof is damaged, whatever the circumstance, it is going to need fixing sooner rather than later. Whatever kind of damage has occurred to your roofing, we will be able to identify and fix the problem. Because we understand, like everyone else, how crucial it is to have a functioning roof over your head, we’ll always endeavour to have a team with you ASAP to make sure your property doesn’t suffer any more damage as a result of your damaged roof.

Whatever your emergency, you can rely on our team of highly skilled builders and carpenters to be ready whatever the circumstance. We’ll send our team out to assess and repair your damage and make sure your property is both secure, and safe from further damage. If you need an emergency repair, or you just want to know you’re covered should damage happen, then give CJ’s Carpentry & Maintenance a call today.

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