CJ’s Carpentry can help with any issues concerning your existing timber windows and frames, and of course can install or replace with new windows if required. Our window fitters operate all across Brisbane and the wider area, so wherever you are in the city we can help.

If your wooden windows are looking tired or worn, our licensed carpenters can restore them to their former glory. For most windows, restoration can make them as good as new, and often fix any minor issues like drafts along the way.

We have worked on windows Brisbane wide, and our team have years of combined experience dealing with all timber windows. It’s why we have such a great reputation for window repairs in Brisbane and the wider area. We are experts at ensuring timber windows in Brisbane last through the changing weather conditions, and know exactly how to fix the problems it can bring.

Our professional craftsmen can work any type of timber window and can fit, repair or restore all styles of timber window frames. Our carpenters specialise in working with queenslander windows, having restored, repaired and fitted many examples across the city. Our window restoration specialists are also experts with Victorian style windows, and all modern designs.

Professional Timber Window Repairs And Installations

CJ’s Carpentry and Maintence’s licensed carpenters can help with a wide range of problems and window types. We’ve listed a few of the more common things we see and repairs we carry out below.

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Timber Double Hung Windows And Sash Windows

Double Hung Timber Windows look great, but from time to time they can become a little loose and need repairing. If your sash windows are sticking, slipping or just plain dangerous, they may require maintenance. This could mean re-cording, re-weighting or both, and very often it’s just small adjustments needed. This can be due to house movement, or timber damage.

We also install timber double hung windows so if you have a new property or are planning a change give us a call.

Timber Window and Frame Repairs

If your window has become damaged from swinging loose, for example, or your frame is split, your window can become ineffective and worse, unsafe. Our team are on hand to make sure your window is secure and draft free. Most timber repairs can be completed on the day and will only take a short time.

Our carpenters can also help with the installation of timber windows and frames, for single installs, or for whole homes and commercial properties.

Bi-fold Window Repairs

Bi-fold windows are popular across the city and so of course we have seen our fair share. We have repaired 100’s of bi-folds in the region, and our carpenters will be sure to get yours fixed in no time. We have the whole city covered so wherever you are, give us a call.

French Windows

There’s no wood window repair we can’t carry out and so of course we can fix your french windows, sliding windows or casement windows. Whatever style you have, if you’re having issues and need a quick window fix, CJ’s Carpentry will be able to assist.

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Wooden Window Frames & Wood Rot

The number one cause for window frame repairs and window replacement in Brisbane, wood rot can make your windows unsafe, insecure and seriously undermine your home’s insulation.

Rotten timber can cause your window to stop closing easily, or possibly leave gaps between the frame and the window, leading to draughts. If you’ve noticed that your window is not operating as it should, or you’re feeling a draught when you shouldn’t, then it could well be a sign of wood rot. If you have a timber window sill, a dark discoloured patch could indicate moisture is coming through the window, and you could be in danger of wood rot.

If you notice that the wood in your frame is soft to the touch, then this is one of the most common and sure indicators. If the wood is brittle and crumbly, or feels spongy to the touch or, it’s time to call a carpenter. You may also notice a damp or musty smell, or even notice signs of mould on the window.

Our expert carpenters know all the signs of wood rot, and will be able to repair your frames and windows in most cases. If the wood is beyond repair, we may need to replace all or part of the window.

Whatever your problem or requirements, give CJ’s Carpentry a call today to see how we can help.

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