If you’re thinking it’s about time you had a new timber fence installed, or your old timber fencing is damaged or starting to affect the appearance of your property overall, CJ’s Carpentry can help.

Our fully trained, qualified and licensed experts are professionals in the installation and repair of all wooden fence types. So if you only need a few replacement timber fence panels fitted, or your entire pailing fence needs replacing, we will be able to assist.

Fencing is not only important for indicating the boundaries of property. It also provides us with security and privacy, two things most people would readily associate with the word home. A well constructed timber fence can really elevate your garden and homes appearance and should last you for many years.

Wood is an incredibly versatile and aesthetically pleasing choice for fencing, but it does require ongoing upkeep and maintenance to retain its natural beauty and keep it from becoming damaged. When exposed to the elements, timber fencing can deteriorate from the effects of rain, wind and sun. Moisture can be a real problem, leading to wood rot, which can eventually lead to warping or the deterioration of the fence itself.

However, with proper installation, a little care, and proper maintenance, timber fencing can last for years and years. Below is a list of just a few of the fence repair jobs we carry out regularly.

Broken Palings, Railings, And Posts

If you need a replacement part for a localised repair, we will be able to provide the right materials to match your existing fence seamlessly. Whatever we don’t have in stock we can get from a wide network of suppliers in the Brisbane area. We can work in materials like pine, ironbark, stringybark, gum, cypress and many more, so be sure to give us a call.

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Wood Rot

We can replace or treat any rotten posts, or better yet treat your fence to prevent rot in the first place. Wood rot is the number one cause of damage to fencing and fence posts, or indeed any wooden structure exposed to outside conditions. We can replace anything that’s beyond repair, and fix any sites where future issues might occur.

Warped Railings

A common issue where wood is exposed to moisture and changes in temperature, warped railings can ruin the look of the garden. Luckily, for our experts, these are easily replaced.

Lattice Or Trellis Fencing

Whatever style you require, our expert carpenters will be able to match your existing style, or replace with any type of fencing you require.

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If you’ve got questions or not sure how to approach your renovation or repair job, don’t hesitate to call us today for some friendly advice!

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Bespoke Garden fencing and Timber Fence Repair

Whatever type of garden fencing you require, whether it’s a timber picket fence or timber paling fence, or any other style you desire, our team will be happy to discuss your requirements. We have an extensive network of fencing suppliers Brisbane wide, so if you want something we don’t already stock the parts for, we’ll always be able to get our hands on exactly what you need.

We are more than happy to hear from customers who have bespoke designs, and we pride ourselves on being able to accommodate even the most unusual of requests. And we have completed jobs in a wide range of heritage fencing styles: in fact, you’ve probably seen some of our timber fences around the city!

Custom Wooden Fences

Whatever style, if you need timber fencing in Brisbane we will be able to complete the job. Just give one of our team a call, we’ll happily discuss your requirements, and if possible give you a quote on the spot. We’ve completed many a bespoke fence, Brisbane is dotted with examples of our work.

So whatever your fencing needs, either give us a call or use the contact form, to find out how CJ’s Carpentry and Maintenance can help.

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