Pergolas are a great way of maximising the potential of your outdoor spaces, in a way that is safe and comfortable for all the family. A well maintained pergola allows you to entertain all year round. It can add character to your home, and even boost its value for resale.

A covered timber pergola is a low cost and long lasting way of providing much needed shade to your outdoor spaces, meaning you can entertain friends or just enjoy your garden no matter how hot (or wet) it gets.

As great as a wooden pergola can be for your home life, like any wooden structure, they can degrade without proper maintenance. As it is constantly exposed to the elements, pergola timber is prone to a number of problems. Wood rot, warping, and fading can all affect not just the look of your patio pergola, but undermine the structural integrity and potentially make your pergola unsafe.

So the best case is that you end up with a faded looking pergola that no longer adds to the appearance of your property. The worst case is a pergola that is in full disrepair and could present a risk to health. A leaning pergola is a sure sign that something is amiss, and you should call out a carpenter right away if you notice your pergola is tilted.

The good news is that the vast majority of pergola repairs are quick, easy, and cheap. CJ’s Carpentry can fix the majority of issues we see on the day we attend. We’ve repaired pergolas Brisbane wide and helped our customers not only get the most from their properties, but keep their family safe from the harshest Brisbane conditions. If you need some work done, we’ll come by, assess the damage to your pergola, quote on the spot, and be ready to commence work at your convenience.

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Timber Patio And Pergola Renovations

The near constant sunshine we experience means that gardens are fitted with timber pergolas Brisbane wide, as naturally people look to make the most of the weather and their outdoor spaces. However, the same sun which inspired you to build your pergola could be seriously affecting its looks over time.

If you have a patio or pergola in Brisbane that is beginning to look old and worn, it can really affect the appearance of your property on the whole. Old or rotten wood is unsightly to say the least, and discoloured and dirty decking and pergolas can leave your patio looking like a quite unattractive option to spend time with family or friends. And if you are aiming to sell your property soon, a badly maintained pergola could drag down the value and put off potential buyers.

That’s why at CJ’s Carpentry we offer a full pergola repair and restoration service, to not only deal with any structural issues like wood rot and insect damage, but restore and renovate. We’ll leave it looking exactly as it was when your pergola builder originally installed. We also offer verandah repairs, along with patio repairs and renovation, and often it makes sense to have these carried out in parallel.

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Timber Carport Repairs & Installs

Our licensed carpenters have built and repaired hundreds of timber carports Brisbane wide, so if you need anything carport related be sure to check in with one of our team.

Carports are a great option for so many reasons. If you don’t have a garage, or it’s already full, a car port is a low cost way of protecting your car from the harsh Brisbane sun, preserving your paint job and keeping your car cool in the summer months.

But of course it’s not only the sun you have to worry about: rain, hail and even wind can damage the paintwork on your vehicle, not to mention bird droppings. We can install a carport to suit the style of your home, and to your exact specifications.

Carports can be damaged by accidents, degrade over time, or if not properly treated become rotten. If you have an existing carport which is in need of repair, our carpenters will be able to identify any issues and give you a quote for a fix on the spot.

If you need a repair or renovation for your pergola, patio or carport, or even a brand new port installed, give CJ’s Carpentry a call today to see how our expert carpenters can help.

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