If you have a property with timber decking in Brisbane, then you know full well what a valuable outdoor space decking area can create. Decking provides a great space to entertain family and friends, and our weather means that in Brisbane deck living is such a big part of our personal and social lives.

So if your deck is no longer looking as great as it once was, it’s not surprising that you might want to restore its former lustre, and the team at CJ’s Carpentry and Maintenance can help. Our deck rejuvenation and timber deck restoration services can have even the oldest and most beaten up looking deck as good as new. If you need any repairs, like replacement decking or railings, then our team of highly skilled carpenters will be able to help.

Professional Deck Maintenance Services

If you’re looking for deck restoration in Brisbane then you need a decking specialist who not only knows exactly how to fix your decking, but to protect it from the worst of Brisbane’s weather. Searching for decking timber Gold coast wide for your new deck? Contact us for great prices on carpentry and repair services.

Below we’ve listed some of the most jobs we carry out when performing deck maintenance in Brisbane, and the most common deck repairs we carry out.

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Water Sealing and Water Damage

When your deck was installed, it’s almost certain that it was weather sealed to protect it from damp, and stop any moisture entering the wood and causing rot and warping. However, surprisingly most homeowners then neglect to have their deck properly maintained and resealed, which can in turn lead to much more expensive and troublesome repair jobs.

Proper and regular timber deck maintenance can catch any potential problems early, and in the process save you a lot of money. We will identify any sites where water may be entering, and repair to make sure any affected wood is solid before we proceed. We will then re-treat the wood to stave off any future issues.

If you have not been undertaking regular decking maintenance, you might find that you need to have part of your decking replaced if wood rot has set in. Our team will provide you with the most competitive quote and aim to have the work completed as cheaply and efficiently as possible, so you can get back to enjoying your decking.

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Deck Restoration & Replacing Deck Boards

Wood Rot

Wood rot is one of the worst things a homeowner can find, as if it has set in properly you may need to think about replacing all or part of your decking. Wood rot will often affect the appearance of your decking, making it look dirty and generally killing your garden vibe.

More importantly though, it can also undermine the structural integrity of the deck itself. Rotten wood will literally begin to fall apart, and on a structure that needs to support the weight of several people at once, this can create a genuinely dangerous situation.

Preventing wood rot is easy with proper maintenance and sealing, so enlisting our team to carry out regular maintenance on your deck is not a luxury – it could save you hundreds of dollars. If it’s already too late for your decking, thankfully, spotting wood rot is easy.

If you notice soft, discoloured patches of wood then this could be a sign it is already rotten. Often you will find this near an area where excess water is contacting the wood – a guttering or piping issue is normally the culprit. CJ’s Carpentry and Maintenance have the experience to easily identify any problem areas.

We in most cases can treat and fix any affected areas, and once all the wood is healthy, re seal your deck to prevent further issues. In extreme cases, we may need to carry out a full or partial deck replacement, if the structure is deemed to have been compromised.

If you have a deck in Brisbane that needs some maintenance to make sure it will last through the worst of the weather, we can help. Whether it is a simple check and water treatment, or whether you need all of your deck boards replaced, CJ’s Carpentry and Maintenance have the local carpenter expertise to have your deck looking as good as new, and for many years to come as well.

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