CJ’s Carpentry & Maintenance provides a full and comprehensive building and property repairs service. Our highly skilled and fully qualified tradespeople can be on hand whenever you need, and can perform any maintenance jobs and repairs you might require.

Over time all properties will suffer the effects of wear and tear, which is why proper and regular maintenance is so important. Many minor issues, if left unchecked, can develop into much more serious issues later on. This of course means a more expensive fix is required, when in fact the problem could have been easily (and cheaply) prevented.

A great example of this would be wood rot, where a small leak can develop into major structural issues. This can eventually mean that all or parts of constructions like the stairways may need to be replaced, which is of course more expensive for the homeowner. This just underlines why having a team of fully qualified tradespeople on hand to maintain your property is so important.

We cover everything from repairs, real estate maintenance, end of lease and sale preparation, and much more besides. Our building and repairs service is available right across Brisbane, and some of the things we offer include:

However, if you need work doing and you don’t see it on this list, be sure to give us a call to discuss further, as there is very little that we can’t do.

Real Estate Maintenance

back deck extension and flyover roof

If you rent properties in Brisbane you will be aware that there are certain legal obligations with regards to maintenance that you need to upkeep. Even with the best tenants, it is also inevitable that properties become damaged, be it by simple wear and tear or accidents.

And of course, all properties from time to time need emergency upkeep or repairs to make sure they are still safe and habitable. At CJ’s Carpentry Brisbane, we have delivered hundreds of successful building projects right across Brisbane. From repairs to maintenance, we work for businesses, retail shops, offices, and warehouses, as well as hundreds of private residences.

That’s why we’re a great team to have on board, whether you have just your home, a few, or you manage a portfolio for a real estate company. We can provide a total building, repair and maintenance service to your properties, carrying out regular inspections to identify any issues and often carrying out the work there and then.

We appreciate that working in spaces where people live is sometimes delicate, and our tradespeople are renowned for their understanding and personable approach. Give us a call to discuss further how we could help maintain your real estate.

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End of Lease & Property Sale Preparation

If you rent a property and you’re coming to the end of your lease, then it’s only natural you might be worried about handing the property back over to the owner, especially if there are signs of damage or wear and tear. And that’s where we come in: our team of experts will visit the property and make sure everything is as good as new. As there is no problem we can’t fix, we can guarantee that the property will be handed back over in the same, or a better state that you took it in.

If you are looking to sell your home, our property sale preparation team will take care of everything. First impressions are so important, and so it’s imperative that you have your property in the best possible condition before you start booking in viewings.

We will attend to all of your gates, fencing, and the front door, for maximum street appeal. The same applies to all decking and outside areas, where everything will be cleaned and repaired to as good as new. Inside we will fix anything that needs fixing, right down to checking your lightbulbs. Along the way we will identify any issues such as wood rot or creaking stairs, and be able to quote you for any repairs as we go.

If you have property that needs maintenance, you’re moving, or you’re looking for the maximum resale value on your property, we can help. The experts at CJ’s Carpentry & Maintenance are only a call away, so call us today to find out what we can do for you.

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